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The 10 Commitments 

1. We value and believe in our people

To truly differentiate ourselves from the competition, we rely on the talents of our people to "wow" our guests. At Red Roof you will be supported and empowered to make the brand the best it can be. 

2. We take team member admission and placement seriously

Red Roof has a very strong tenured team, but we are always on the lookout for new talent and skills to bring to the table. Throughout the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process you may have noticed that we take great care to ensure we bring aboard the brightest talent

3. We appreciate our differences

Each team member brings unique experience, skills, abilities, and passions to the brand. At Red Roof we embrace those differences, celebrate our uniqueness, and leverage our diversity. New ideas come when we are open to looking at things differently.

4. We are obsessed with customers

Every team member at Red Roof serves someone. Whether you serve the guest checking in at the front desk, maintain the guest room cleanliness, or work behind the scenes at the Corporate Office, each of us has customers to serve. We take great pride in our service culture and know you will too!

5. We provide continuous and transparent feedback

Receiving feedback on a regular basis is important so that you can learn and grow with Red Roof. Understanding what you are excelling at and what you can improve on will provide clarity on performance expectations.

6. We take bold action and expect results

Sometimes the easiest route isn't the best route. We encourage our team members to be innovative, take risks, and take bold action to get results. We have high expectations as a brand and that requires team members committed to exceeding brand goals.

7. We hold everyone to the same high standards

Teams are successful because of the collective efforts of everyone on the team. That means that every person throughout the organization must be held accountable for delivering upon the values and vision for the brand.

8. We are passionate and committed to training and development

Learning and development is more than a one-time event. You have our promise that your training doesn't stop after your initial new hire training. At Red Roof, you will have opportunities to customize your learning through RED Academy and our monthly continuing education program.

9. We are driven to bottom line results

For a company to be profitable, it requires smart financial decisions at all levels. Leaders need to maintain the delicate balance between managing costs and investing in the business. Even small actions to care for company assets and resources can be impactful on the profitability of an organization.

10. We celebrate our victories

We believe that excellence should be celebrated and shared throughout the brand. From recognizing individual performance to acknowledging team accomplishments and business milestones-your efforts will NOT go unnoticed! 

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